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3-N-1 Soft Night Splint/Contracture Boot

3-n-1 Soft Night Splint/Contracture Boot

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The 3-n-1 soft boot for foot drop and ankle foot stability. This ankle foot orthisis is designed to give heel pressure relief or can be used for achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. The 3-n-1 soft boot additionally provides passive stretch resistance for the treatment and/or prevention of pressure sores. It's soft boot is designed to correct and/or restore lower extremity disorders, such as foot drop, in cases where hard plastic AFO’s are inadequate.

The 3-n-1 soft boot gives the patient with positioning, protection and freedom of movement. The boot features an adjustable heel elevation; adjustable dorsiflexion and inversion/eversion straps; medial and lateral support; and plantar fasciitis support.

The boot has semi rigid removable plastic inserts for foot and side panels provide rigid support as well as soft moisture wicking padded liner and nonskid bottom for ambulation.

One size fits most. Latex free.

- Universal, no right or left.

- Open heel for proper air circulation.

- Adjustable heel elevation.

- Adjustable Dorsiflexion and Inversion/Eversion Straps.

- Medial and lateral support.

- Plantar fascitis support Semi rigid removable plastic inserts for foot and side panels providing rigid support.

- Soft Moisture wicking padded liner and non-skid bottom for ambulation.

- Suggested SADMERC Code L4396


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Large: 14.5” - 18”

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    3-N-1 Soft Night Splint/Contracture Boot