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OmniFlex Knee Orthosis $175.90

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OmniFlex Soft/Hard Cuff Knee Orthosis

The OmniFlex is a double-hinged knee orthosis with easy to set and lock hinges without the use of any tools. It is designed to provide progressive static treatment/correction for mild to severe knee flexion contractures and immobilization following surgery or trauma due to stroke or illness. It can also be utilized for the treatment and/or prevention of skin breakdown and microbial growth. Padded patella cap is included for three-point pressure for effective treatment. Recommended for patients with moderate to severe tone/ spasticity. Latex Free.

- Simple to use flexion/extension hinge

- Available with heat moldable plastic cuffs for the severely contracted patient – Can be customized by ordering separate sized cuffs. Please contact us for information.

- Available in soft navy moisture wicking fabric for patients with severe skin tone issues - Can be customized by ordering separate sized cuffs. Please contact us for information.

- Also available in fleece lined material

- Length of this orthosis is 15 1/2", the brace may be shortened to 10" for petite patients and young adults.

- Laundry bag is included.

- Suggested SADMERC Code L1832


XSmall: 6” – 8” Mid-Thigh and 4” – 5.25” Mid-Calf
Small: 8.25” – 10” Mid-Thigh and 5.25” – 7.25” Mid-Calf
Medium: 10.25” – 14” Mid-Thigh and 7.25” – 11” Mid-Calf
Large: 14.25” – 17” Mid-Thigh and 11.25” – 13” Mid-Calf
XLarge: 17.25" – 21” Mid-Thigh and 13.25" – 16” Mid-Calf
XXLarge: 21.25” – 25” Mid-Thigh and 16.25” – 19” Mid-Calf
XXXLarge: 25.25” – 29” and 19.25” – 21”

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