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Pediatric AFO

Pediatric AFO

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The Pediatric AFO for foot drop and ankle foot stability. This ankle foot orthisis is a fabricated finished AFO for prevention of equinous contractions. Additionally the it aids in the treatment of individuals with spastic hemiplegia or diplegia.

The Pediatric AFO has a leaf spring design allowing for smoother gait pattern while maintaining stretch of hamstring and upright posture. It can be custom fitted (as noted below), is composed of polypropylene, and is designed to fit into children’s shoes.

The Pediatric AFO is made of sturdy orthopedic grade polypropylene and may be custom trimmed and reshaped using cast scissors and a heat gun. Heat modification and padding result in a custom AFO without the need for casting in many instances.

Product Details:
  • Full range of sizes fits infants 2 months to 6 years
  • Low profile, effective for most indications
  • Inexpensive, labor savings for office or clinical application

  • Size XSmall: Calf Circ. 6-7.5" / Brace Height 6.5" / Foot Length 4"
  • Size Small: Calf Circ. 7.5-9" / Brace Height 7.5" / Foot Length 4.5"
  • Size Medium: Calf Circ. 8.5-9.5" / Brace Height 9" / Foot Length 4.75"
  • Size Large: Calf Circ. 9-10.5" / Brace Height 10" / Foot Length 5.25"
  • Size Xlarge: Calf Circ. 10-11.5"/Brace Height 11"/ Foot Length 6"

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    Pediatric AFO