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Semi Rigid AFO

Semi Rigid AFO

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The Ankle Foot Orthosis Semi Rigid AFO for foot drop and ankle foot stability. This ankle foot orthisis is available in both left and right feet, provides functional alignment for weak extremities as well as resistance to a disorder of the body's motor system. The Semi Rigid AFO assists in support of certain muscles that are continuously contracted this contraction causes stiffness or tightness of the muscles and may interfere with gain and movement.

The Ankle Foot Orthosis Semi Rigid is an orthopedic brace designed for individuals with dorsal or anterior nerve injuries as well as those who have conditions such as Charcot and Drop Foot.

The Semi Rigid AFO device provides mediolateral support for ankle instability as it is applied externally and can be worn inside of any shoe. Additionally it assists correct deformity, improve function and relieve symptoms of foot drop.

Suggested Billing Code: L1930

Sizing Measurements:

  • Small: Foot Lenth 8-9.75" / Product Foot Length 7" / Product Calf Height: 13"

  • Medium: Foot Lenth 9.5-10" / Product Foot Length 7.5" / Product Calf Height: 14"

  • Large: Foot Lenth 10.5-12" / Product Foot Length 8" / Product Calf Height: 15"

  • X-Large: Foot Lenth 12-15" / Product Foot Length 8.5" / Product Calf Height: 15"

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    Semi Rigid AFO